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New Years time
Hey 2017, get the fog out ah heeeeeeeeeeere, because it's 2018. My my, that was quick I tell you what, and I-...ehhh i'm not doing this bullshit, It's 2018, OK? Let's do this journal thing.
The first part is aboot the good and bad stuff that happen to you in 2017. 
1. My good cat Pepper Jack, sadly died. I had him sense I was a wee boy, as much as I miss him, he's in a better place.
2. My great grandma died, I know it would happen soon, but I wish it didn't, I started visiting her last year, and it was fun. She told me stories about her life and they were fun to listen to, it was fascinating hearing what life was like way before I was born. Great grandma, you shall be miss
3. My great Uncle sadly pass too, he was a super chill, great guy, and I was happy to visit him (even if it was not a lot). My favorite memory from him was when he got me an atari when I was a kid, that's not much at all to most people, but I thought it was a kick ass gift. Thanks great uncle, i'll miss you
:iconthat-shane-guy:That-Shane-guy 2 4
[Contest] Aeris by Proj-FATAL [Contest] Aeris :iconproj-fatal:Proj-FATAL 10 5
Nice people I recommend to check!
Wandering around here made me think about some amazing people I know (in personality and skills) that I really think they need more recognition >:C also I'll include other people, more or less popular, that I personally think you should check.  I have decided from time to time I'll do more journals like this ;) Plus I 'll include two or three artworks I like from them ;)
Okay lets start! (I'll write not in order, just as people pop up in my mind):
:iconkty-cat: This japanese artist has plenty of different techniques when it comes to drawing Sonic related stuff and anime/videogame stuff. What I like the most is the way he uses the color and his dynamic compositions, as well as his crossover drawings :D 
:iconplyesdayk: The way Sandra met me in real life (yes, I said well, because I was drawing on live for my university stand during Ficzone this year and she picke
:icon7marichan7:7marichan7 4 16
Smile? by RossmaniteAnzu Smile? :iconrossmaniteanzu:RossmaniteAnzu 194 18
Christmas gift list .:Update:.
.:Updated:. I've done some gifts so I made sure to update this list, it's slowly coming to an end ;w; 
I'm sorry to say but the gifts are gonna be a bit late, if I would have known that the last couple of days were gonna be crazy I would have made the list a little bit shorter.
;v; But at the same time, I really wanted to make y'all happy. :( 
I was able to finish 14 gifts that I will be posting up soon. As for those who didn't get one don't you worry it will be done but again it's gonna be a little late. I will try to get it done this month.  I just wanted to give you guys a heads up, I don't want you thinking that I've forgotten about you. I don't have much time on my side, so I'm gonna be posting then I'm gonna take a nap because holy heck I need it ;M; I did see the gifts I got and I have to say it really put a smile on my face, I will be sure to leave ya'll a nice heartwarming comment in the morning. ;w; but rea
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Hello, people. This is just a necessary update, not a screaming for catching attention.

The truth is I don't feel okay right now. I recently had a medical check with my psychiatrist and
he removed my medication because he's convinced that I don't have depression, just low self-esteem.
I must work it for my own because I can't heal it just with pills.
Besides, they always made me feel extremely tired.

These days I feel really dizzy. I don't know if I'm getting sick or is just an anxiety attack.
Everytime I walk I lose my balance. My throat feels annoying, is like I have my heart there and I just want to throw it up.
My muscles hurt and I don't hungry. The only thing I want to do is being inside bed. Crying.

I'm so alone. I have the feeling that I have nobody in real life to talk about this.
I don't like to worry my parents and some of my few friends who hardly ever I can see.
Everytime I explode they seem annoyed. I can understand why.

It's very probably I won't answer any message because I don't have enough strength.
Sometimes I never want to wake up. I'm afraid of driving crazy.

I've never wrote about this before in a public page because
it's the last and most miserable, saddest thing that I can do.

I'm not able to do anything at this moment.

Sorry. I'm so sorry.
University work. :)
  • Listening to: ~Gorillaz, Pogo, Studio Killers~
  • Reading: ~Comics and Fanfictions~
  • Watching: ~Cartoons~
  • Playing: ~Undertale, Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Yandere, Sims~
  • Eating: ~Nails~
  • Drinking: ~Orange Juice~
TWM ~ Too late for Halloween
Candy CornEnglish (Sorry, my bad English)Candy Corn 
- You don't have a costume and they gave you more candies than I.
- Uh, uhh...
- I hate you.
Maybe isn't too late for uploading this now. Teeny-Tiny Pumpkin - F2U! 
Bullet Orange The Weirdo Man (Teobaldo Ramírez) and Clara Solano Valente © :iconplyesdayk:
Fall leaf - F2UEnglish (Sorry, my bad English)Fall leaf - F2U

I'm back. Too much work to do, you know... ^^;
Happy New Year to everyone!!! 2018  
I hope your holidays have been good. :)

I'll be simple and fast, these are my goals for this 2018:

Bullet Orange Finishing my Master Degree.
Bullet Orange Looking for professional goals and ways for working.
Bullet Orange Uploading more artistic content.
Bullet Orange Changing, considering the words I use, maturing.
Bullet Orange Losing the shame.
Bullet Orange Ignoring the indistinct opinions from other people.
Bullet Orange Being minimally good and generous.
Bullet Orange Being happy.

PS: I'm not gonna answer all the messages
I have because they're too many. :(

For now I'll just answer the most important ones.
If you need something, don't forget to write me. ;)

Have a good day!!! salmon heart bulletsalmon heart bulletsalmon heart bullet 
  • Listening to: ~Gorillaz, Pogo, Studio Killers~
  • Reading: ~Comics and Fanfictions~
  • Watching: ~Cartoons~
  • Playing: ~Undertale, Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Yandere, Sims~
  • Eating: ~Nails~
  • Drinking: ~Orange Juice~
University work. :)
  • Listening to: ~Gorillaz, Pogo, Studio Killers~
  • Reading: ~Comics and Fanfictions~
  • Watching: ~Cartoons~
  • Playing: ~Undertale, Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Yandere, Sims~
  • Eating: ~Nails~
  • Drinking: ~Orange Juice~


🍊🎩Sandora Pilaru🎩🍊
Artist | Student | Varied

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Welcome to my profile!!! I'm Sandora Pilaru, but you can call me Plyesdayk Milánico, or Plyes. (My Persona).
My true name is Sandra Pilar.
I have 23 years old and I'm a student graduate in Fine Arts from a spanish college. I'm currently studying for a Drawing and Animation Master Degree. I was born on October 12th, 1994. I'm a left-handed and atheist nerd dressed in black who loves hugs and orange juice.

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Orange Juice is LOVE.

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''No Nose'' characters are my specialty, above all if they're wearing gentlemen costumes. I love Monsters, Aliens, Ghosts, Angels, Demons, Robots and all kind of weird non human creatures. Also I like horror and psychological stories, creepypastas, gore, black humor and cartoons of all times.


I like ''NO NOSE'' (Noseless) characters and gentlemen suits/costumes.

EXs and Heart Divider by Dri-Bee
Most of my original stories have always the same plot. The protagonists are anthropomorphic and surreal creatures with feelings who act like humans and have consumed their sanity.

Also, I try to do a critique of the human society of our times: Monsters can become more human and polite than the typical being human, who is constantly acting as a foolish, hurting himself and the other living species.

I'm left-handed.

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I'm trying to improve my English and having an original cartoon style, with supernatural stories which young people of the audience can enjoy. I pretend to let people know the wonders of this little world.

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Know you're not in this battle alone! Try taking things slow and don't give up! <3
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I hope you feel better soon!
try to talk to somebody i know its hard but you should try coz it can really help.

stay strong~
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